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Why Am I Seeing Spiders All Over My House?

Seeing one spider in your house can be unnerving but it is something that you can usually handle with a quick stomp or swat. But when one spider turns into two, then three, then four, then spiders all over your house it will require a higher level of action. The first step to successfully deal with a major spider issue is to figure out why you developed an issue in the first place. There are number of possible reasons why spiders may be getting in.

There are breaches around your house

Some types of spiders can get into your home through very small gaps. Even when you generally keep up with your home maintenance duties breaches can develop without you noticing. If you are seeing spiders all over your house then there is a place or places where they are gaining access. The most likely places to develop problems are around windows and doors. Check for damaged caulk and broken seals. If you find any damage then you need to address those issues in order to keep spiders out in the future. The repairs could be as simple as adding some fresh caulk or new weather stripping around your doors and windows.

You have other pests in your house

Spiders eat other pests so if you have bugs in your house you could be inadvertently inviting spiders inside. If you do see spiders all over your house it is very likely that you have other types of pests as well-whether you have seen them or not. Think about it, if you have breaches that allowed spiders in then other pests can get in as well. If you have a spider issue inside your house it is a good idea to get a professional pest assessment on your home. Once you know if you have more than just spiders in your home you can determine what type of treatment is necessary.

It is mating season for spiders

If it seems like spiders have suddenly started to appear all over your house it may be that it is mating season. When you have spiders in your house they generally stay out of sight preferring corners and clutter where they can easily set up their homes. But, mating season can have a drastic impact on their typical behavior. Male spiders come out of the woodworks during mating season in order to find a mate. So, it may seem like your home is under attack from spiders when the reality is that they are searching for other spiders.

No matter what the reason is for an influx of spiders into your house you simply want them out. It is essential that you deal with any breaches around your home so spiders do not have the chance to get back in after treatment. Once you have eliminated the entry points of the spiders you will have to deal with any that are already in your home. The quickest and most effective way to deal with a current spider infestation is to call in professional help. A pest control expert will have the tools, knowledge, and experience to get the spiders out of your house.