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6 Most Common Spiders in the Los Angeles Area

There are many types of spiders that reside in Los Angeles. Fortunately, the majority of these spiders do not pose a serious risk to humans. In fact, many spiders are actually helpful because they feed on other pests. But, neither of these facts means that you want to have spiders inside of your house. By taking the time to learn about the common spiders in Los Angeles you can start identifying the spiders in and around your house. Once you start identifying the spiders in your home you can take steps toward eradicating them. Because there are so many types of spiders in Los Angeles we are not going to try and list them all. But, we are providing you with some information about six of the most common spiders in the Los Angeles area.

Cross Orbweaver

This spider can be identified by the white spots on its’ abdomen that make a pattern of a cross. Their habitats can vary from farms to urban areas and several places in between. Cross Orbweavers eat flying or jumping insects that get caught in their webs. This type of spider is not known to cause medically significant problems for humans.

House spider

The house spider is a very common type of spider but is not dangerous for people. It can seem threatening because they physically resemble the brown recluse. But, the various types of house spiders do not pose the same danger to humans as the brown recluse. They get the nickname of ‘house spider’ because they often build their webs in and on houses. House spiders eat a variety of insects-basically anything they have the ability to overpower.

Garden spider

The garden spider is another common type of spider in the Los Angeles area. Garden spiders can seem menacing because they can become physically large and very populous during certain times of the year. These spiders typically spend their time outside in areas with ample vegetation and do not cause much trouble for people.

Black Widow

This is a spider that many people are familiar with because they have a bad reputation. The black widow is the only spider that you are likely to encounter in Los Angeles that can cause medically significant issues for humans. Black widows often have a red marking on their abdomen that is shaped like an hour glass. The shape and coloring of the marking can vary between spiders. If you are in doubt about whether a spider is a black widow it is best to err on the side of caution and stay away from that particular spider.

Wolf spider

Wolf spiders can be found in Los Angeles and in a number of other places throughout the US. They hunt for insects instead of building a web to catch them. Wolf spiders may look intimidating but do not generally cause problems for humans.


Tarantulas are a well-known type of spider because of their large size and menacing look. For the most part these spiders prefer to spend their time outdoors. This is great news for homeowners. However, you may see male tarantulas wandering around during the fall in search of female tarantulas.

It is always a good idea to be careful when dealing with any spiders you find in or around your Los Angeles home. While most are harmless, there are a few that can be problematic for humans. If you have a significant spider problem then you may need to get some professional help from an exterminator in order to successfully and safely eradicate the problem.