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Cockroach Control in the Los Angeles Area

Getting Rid of Roaches

Cockroaches can become a real problem for homeowners in the Los Angeles area. They can be a problem in almost any area of the country but the weather conditions in Los Angeles push roaches to move inside where they can find the things they need to survive. In order to keep cockroaches under control in your home there are three steps you can take-keep your house clean, stay on top of your home maintenance, and set up regular pest control services.

Keep your house clean

Clutter provides cockroaches with plenty of hiding places. They do not generally like to be out in the open so clutter can provide them with the ability to move around without being seen. By removing the clutter from your floors, countertops, and other surfaces you can increase the likelihood that you notice an active infestation. Leftover food or food related trash can attract cockroaches into your home and provide them with the sustenance they need. In addition, standing water in a sink can attract cockroaches. Decluttering and cleaning your house is an important step toward preventing and/or eradicating cockroaches from your home.

Stay on top of your home maintenance

Breaches around the exterior of your home can be entry points for cockroaches. They can flatten their bodies to fit into very small spaces. Around windows and doors are areas where breaches commonly occur. When you properly maintain your home and deal with breaches as they arise you can reduce the likelihood of developing an infestation. You also have to pay attention to the water sources in and around your house in order to stay on top of cockroach control. Part of the reason cockroaches move from the outside of your home to the inside is to find water sources. A leaky pipe inside your house or standing water on the perimeter of your house can both attract cockroaches. Be sure and deal with any water issues as soon as they occur so they do not lead to pest issues.

Set up regular pest control services

Getting pest control services one time can help you eradicate a current infestation and protect you for a little while. But eventually the effectiveness of having your home sprayed once will start to diminish and open you back up to pest problems. When you set your home up on a regular schedule of pest control services it will be continuously protected from cockroaches and other pests. The pest control company you use will help you determine the timing that works best for your situation. Two common schedules are monthly or quarterly pest control services. The severity of your current problem and your risk factors for future infestations will help determine how frequently you need services.

Do not allow cockroaches to invade your Los Angeles home. Instead, be proactive about cockroach control because that is the only way to keep them out of your home for the long run.