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Does Southern California Have Large Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are nasty pests that can cause major problems for you and your family. They have the ability to spread disease by contaminating your food and surfaces. In addition, they can cause breathing problems for people with asthma, allergies, and other ailments. Given the risk they pose to your health you need to deal with any cockroaches you see-whether they are small or large. But, thinking about a giant cockroach running across your floor does seem slightly worse than seeing a small cockroach. If you are concerned about getting large cockroaches in your Southern California home then it is a good idea to learn about what types of cockroaches you can expect to see in your area.

There are six main types of cockroaches that you might encounter in or around your home in Southern California. They range in size from half and inch to two inches. The largest cockroaches in the world are over three inches and thankfully are not found in Southern California.

German cockroach

The German cockroach is the type of roach that is most likely to cause problems for homeowners in Southern California. They like to be inside houses and are generally found in areas that provide them with the things they need to survive-shelter, food, and water. For example, the crumbs, standing water, and dark cabinets in your kitchen create an ideal environment for German cockroaches. These cockroaches are small compared to some of the cockroaches found in Southern California, measuring in at half an inch.

Brown banded cockroach

Another half inch sized cockroach is the brown banded cockroach. Like the German cockroach, these pests need water and food to survive. These cockroaches like to hide in cluttered areas inside your home.

Oriental cockroach

The oriental cockroach is longer than the German or brown banded roaches measuring in at a little over one inch. This type of cockroach prefers the dark and is attracted to damp areas. A leaking pipe inside a cabinet is just the type of place this cockroach likes to hang out.

Smoky brown cockroach

The smoky brown cockroach is slightly larger than the oriental cockroach at one and a half inches. These cockroaches generally hang out near vegetation so you may see them around your flower beds.

American cockroach

The American cockroach is the largest of the six discussed here. This pest measures in at two inches. This is an especially disgusting type of cockroach that can often be found in the sewers. The American cockroach may find its way into Southern California homes through pipes. These cockroaches can carry contaminates that they pick up in the sewers and pipes on their legs and transfer them to the surfaces in your home.

Turkestan cockroach

Turkestan cockroaches are similar to the smoky brown cockroach in that they prefer areas with vegetation. They are around one inch long and typically spend their time outdoors.

Unfortunately, there are several types of large cockroaches you may encounter. But, there are ways to successfully eradicate these pests from your home and protect it from a re-infestation alongside hiring cockroach pest control experts. As you learn about the different types of cockroaches it will help you identify which type is invading your home. This can help you find the most effective treatment for your problem.