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How to Control a Cockroach Problem in Los Angeles

Most areas of the country are susceptible to cockroach problems and Los Angeles is no different. In fact, homeowners in Los Angeles may have more trouble with cockroaches than some other areas of the country. This is because Los Angeles has a relatively dry climate which means that it can be difficult for cockroaches to find the water they need outside. In order to control a cockroach problem in your Los Angeles home you need to follow a few important steps.

Take away their entry points.

One of the most basics steps you need to take in order to control a cockroach problem is to close up any areas where they are getting inside. It can be as simple as being more diligent about keeping doors and windows closed. You also need to periodically check your doors and windows for damaged seals. If you have a door or window that does not quite close all the way it can provide cockroaches with enough space to get into your house. In addition, you need to check around your doors and windows for ineffective caulking. Caulk can crack and shrink over time which can create gaps around doors and windows. When you notice this happening it is important to remove and replace the old caulk to insure that your doors and windows are properly sealed up against pests like cockroaches.

Remove their food source.

One of the main reasons cockroaches come into your house is for food. You might be inadvertently providing cockroaches with plenty of food to survive inside your home. Common areas where food waste gets left out are in the sink, the trashcan, and around eating areas. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink is a great way to attract cockroaches because they love the leftover food and standing water that is in a sink full of dirty dishes. An overflowing trashcan is another area that can attract cockroaches that are on the search for a meal. Even crumbs and small spills on and around your eating surfaces can be enough to attract cockroaches. Remove the food sources you are providing for cockroaches by being diligent about cleaning your dishes, taking out the trash, and promptly cleaning up crumbs and spills.

Dry up their water source.

Access to water is another main reason why cockroaches may try to come into your Los Angeles home. If you want to control your cockroach problem more effectively then you need to dry up the water source you have been providing them. As mentioned above, cockroaches love the standing water in your sink. Even a little water on a plate or in a cup is enough to draw cockroaches to your sink. Another water source for cockroaches is leaky pipes. Water can accumulate under cabinets or around toilets and bathtubs that have leaking issues. Regularly checking these areas for leaks will help you catch problems before they progress to the point of attracting cockroaches into your home.

Fight back.

If your home develops a cockroach problem despite your diligent prevention efforts then you need to fight back. You can do this by having your home professionally sprayed for pests. You can have your home sprayed once to deal with a current infestation. In addition, you can set up regularly scheduled pest control services to keep your home consistently protected from cockroaches.

It is possible to control a cockroach problem in your Los Angeles home. Stop inviting cockroaches in by providing them with entry points, a food source, and a water source. If you make these changes and couple them with regularly scheduled cockroach control services you will have much more success dealing with a current cockroach problem and preventing future problems.

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