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Why Your Los Angeles Restaurant is Infested with Cockroaches

Cockroaches are a major threat to Los Angeles restaurants. If you have a cockroach problem in your restaurant you need to deal with it aggressively and immediately. They can contaminate the food in your kitchen and make the people who frequent your restaurant sick. In addition, if a patron sees a cockroach in the restaurant it can lead to negative reviews, complaints, and ultimately damage to your reputation. If there are any signs of a cockroach infestation in your Los Angeles restaurant you need to get to work on eradicating it immediately. Once you have started to deal with your current infestation you need to look into the reasons why it became infested with cockroaches in the first place.

There are breaches in the perimeter of your building

It is possible for cockroaches to enter your restaurant through the open front door when customers come inside. You can minimize the likelihood of this happening by making sure that the door is closed quickly and completely after people come inside. Another way cockroaches find their way inside is through breaches in the perimeter of your building. Doors and windows that do not close properly can provide cockroaches with enough room to squeeze in. They have the ability to flatten their bodies so a tiny gap is all it takes. Cracked or shrinking caulk can also create gaps around doors and windows. Schedule a regular time to do a visual inspection of the openings around your restaurant. If you notice potential problem areas have a contractor come out and determine the extent of the issue.

There is food being left out

One of the things that attract cockroaches into restaurants is food. If there are spills that are being ignored or food that is being left out then that is a part of the reason your restaurant is infested with cockroaches. It does not take a lot of food to draw cockroaches inside. Crumbs under a table or a spill in the food prep area could be enough to draw them in. Stress the importance of dealing with even the smallest amount of food waste to your employees. You can significantly reduce the likelihood of attracting cockroaches if there is no food lying around for them to eat.

There is standing water around your restaurant

Standing water is another factor that can cause your Los Angeles restaurant to become infested with cockroaches. These pests are attracted to water and will come into buildings in search of it. Is water ever left standing for an extended period of time in the sink? Do you have leaky pipes in any of the wet areas of the restaurant? If the answer to either of these questions is yes then you have discovered part of the problem.

Immediately upon discovering or even suspecting a cockroach problem you need to call in professional help. Keeping these nasty pests out of your restaurant is an essential element of success. Once you have your restaurant set up on regularly scheduled pest control services you can start dealing with the issues that allowed cockroaches inside to begin with.