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Spider Prevention: How to Keep Your L.A. Home Spider-Free

Spiders love Los Angeles just as much as you do and they have an annoying ability to find their way into your home. Keeping your L.A. home spider-free is possible but it requires a few proactive steps on your part. Thankfully, none of the steps are extremely difficult or expensive. Start the process by securing the perimeter of your home, dealing with your current spider infestation, and keeping other pests out of your home.

Create a secure perimeter

The first step to spider prevention in L.A. is to create a secure perimeter so they do not have access to the interior of your home. It does not take much of a gap for many types of spiders to squeeze into your house. Caulk that has shrunken or cracked around doors and windows can create enough space for spiders to get inside. Damaged doors and windows can also leave you with gaps. Make sure everything closes properly and creates the right type of seal. If you do find damage you may need to replace the damaged doors and windows or bring in a professional for repairs. Creating a secure perimeter is an essential part of spider prevention.

Deal with your current spider infestation

It is important to get rid of any spiders that are currently in your home in order to prevent future issues. Start by removing clutter and tidying up so spiders do not have a lot of places to hide and spin webs. Once you have done this you should be able to see any spider webs that are left and remove them. Common places that you will find webs are in corners and under furniture. Cleaning and decluttering is a good step toward dealing with your current spider infestation. The other element of this process is getting rid of any spiders that are lingering around but you may not be able to see. You can do this by hiring a pest control company to come out and spray your home for spiders and other pests if necessary.

Keep other pests out of your home

One aspect of spider prevention in L.A. is pest prevention in general. Other types of pests are just what spiders are looking for when they come into your house. If you keep their food source out of your house then you will have better luck keeping spiders out as well. A pest control professional can assess the nature of your problem and help you come up with a plan that can address your spider and other pest problems.

There is some action required if you want to prevent spiders from coming into your home. These three steps will go a long way toward helping you keep your home spider-free. If you find that spiders are still getting inside despite your best efforts then professional intervention may be necessary. You may need professional help securing the perimeter of your house and/or eradicating a spider infestation. Either way, there are high quality Santa Clarita pest control services available to help keep your home spider-free if you live in the L.A. area.