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5 Dangerous Spiders You Should Recognize

Spiders aren’t an uncommon problem to have in your home. Almost every homeowner has dealt with a spider problem at some point in their past. Most spiders won’t hurt you, but there are a few types of spider you should watch out for. Here are a few of the varieties to keep an eye out for.

1. Black Widow

The most commonly known dangerous spider is the Black Widow. A bite from one of these spiders is toxic to humans and can be deadly. If a Black Widow bites you, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Female Black Widows are shiny, black and have a red hourglass shape under their abdomen. They might also have red spots. These are the most dangerous of the two genders, as their venom is three times as potent as the male’s. Male Black Widows are dark grey or brown, and sometimes have a yellow and white hourglass shape. The most common places for them to hide out are woodpiles, on outdoor furniture, in barns, garages, basements or crawlspaces.

2. American House Spider

American House Spiders, true to their name, often hide in homes. The most common spots they can be found are in closets, high corners or under furniture. Check indoors and out, because they also hide in garages, crawlspaces and basements. Although their bites aren’t fatal they can still make you very sick. They are yellowish brown, with an off white abdomen. Also check for a few dark spots in the center of their abdomen. The females are often bigger and lighter in color than the males.

3. Brown Recluse

Another spider that can be potentially deadly to humans is the Brown Recluse. Theses spiders are more common in Midwest and Southern states, but can be found in other parts of the country as well. Again, like most spiders, they tend to hide in garages, basements and woodpiles. In the home, check in dressers, boxes and behind baseboards. The Brown Recluse can be light or dark brown. They have violin-shaped marks on their backs. Because of this odd marking, they’ve earned the nickname “Fiddlebacks”. However, just because they can have the violin shape on their back doesn’t mean they always do. The best way to identify Brown Recluses is by their eyes. Most spiders have eight eyes, but Brown Recluse spiders only have six.

4. Hobo Spider

Although not considered deadly, Hobo Spider bites can be dangerous. These spiders hide in places that aren’t often disturbed, such as under furniture or inside basement cabinets. They are dark brown and orange, with a light mark on their breastplate, and a V-shaped mark across the top of their abdomen. The Hobo Spider is most common in the Northwest United States, although they are present in some other western states as well.

5. Yellow Sac Spider

Yellow Sac Spiders are another species who’s bite can be dangerous, although not deadly. These spiders are found throughout the country, so if you live in the LA area or anywhere in Southern California be especially aware of these. They are often found in corners, along walls and ceilings and around baseboards. They’re usually pale yellow or beige with the front pair of legs longer than the rest.

If you’ve seen a couple spiders, it’s likely you have a bigger problem. Call a pest control expert so that they can treat your home. While not all spiders are a threat to you, many can cause pain to their victims. Keeping up on your pest control routine will help keep your home free of these intruders.