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5 Factors That Might Have Caused Your Business’ Cockroach Problem

Having cockroaches in your business can be a nightmare. They contaminate everything they touch, including surfaces, food and appliances. Cockroaches can also be extremely hard to catch. They hide out during the day and only come out at night when people aren’t around. Pests of any kind can be a huge threat to your reputation, which is a huge deal if your restaurant is in a high traffic area like Los Angeles. With so much competition in Southern California, you need to make sure your restaurant stays pest-free so that your business can stay relevant. If you have cockroaches in your establishment, here are a few factors that might have caused the infestation:

Your windows and doors aren’t sealed tight

Pests have to be getting into your place somehow. The first thing you should check is your windows and doors. Check the screens on your windows and doors for rips. Also check the seals around the edges of your windows and doors. These are all ways that the cockroaches might be making their way in.

Cracks in your walls

Another way they might be getting in is through your walls. Walk around the perimeter of your place and look at the walls. Check for any cracks and if you see them, seal them. Caulking them is the best way to do this.


The next thing you need to figure out is what’s attracting the pests to your restaurant. The most likely answer is food. Make sure all foods are sealed in airtight containers. Obviously in a restaurant, food will have to be out during business hours, but make a habit of putting items away as soon as they’re not being used.

Crumbs and spills

Bugs aren’t picky. They’ll take food in just about any form, even tiny crumbs or drops. Check your restaurant for spills that might have gone unnoticed. Make a habit of cleaning accidents as soon as they happen, because cockroaches will often go after the spills you leave behind.


Cockroaches like small, dark places. So if they aren’t after your food, they’re most likely looking for a nice place to hide. If you have a lot of boxes or containers, keep them up off of floor. Move all of your big furniture to check for hiding spots and do what you can to eliminate crevices that might be attractive to pests.

If you see one cockroach, you most likely have an infestation. Since they hide during the day or anytime people are around, spotting one is usually a sign of a much bigger problem. If you have a cockroach infestation, call a pest control professional right away. Although some pest problems can be solved on your own, a cockroach infestation at a restaurant is a complex issue that requires an expert. To read more about avoiding pest problems in the future, download our free eBook “A Business Owner’s Guide for Avoiding Pest Problems in the San Joaquin Valley”.