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5 Things You Risk By Neglecting Pest Control Check-Ins

If you own a business in Southern California, you know how important it is to present you business in the most professional way possible. Keeping a tidy office or showroom is just one important way of doing that, but it’s an essential one. If even one employee or customer starts to feel that your space isn’t well looked after, it can lead to them thinking less of you and your business in general. Commercial pest control is a huge part of keeping your place clean, and if you neglect it, you might be compromising your business in a few different ways.


Regardless of what industry you’re in, pest infestations can be damaging to you business. Customers or employees running into bugs in your space can be a big hit to your reputation. Rats, mice and other rodents can be hazardous, as well as insects and people know that. If you’re in the food industry, this can even become disastrous, and cause the LA Health Department to get involved.


A bite from a rat or spider can potentially be deadly. Rodent droppings can be a health threat and ruin your inventory. Roaches spread diseases and bed bugs can cause a variety of issues. They can even travel home with you guests and cause problems for them in the future. For all these reasons and more, a pest infestation has the potential to harm the health of employees, customers and anyone who comes into your business.

Damage to Your Building

Many pests can actually cause physical harm to your building itself. Termites can go undetected for quite a while and by the time you pick up on their presence, have already done thousands in damage. A rodent infestation can cause holes in walls and floors, and might even gnaw through wiring. Staying proactive with pest control is essential when it comes to keeping your place of business up and running.


If the health department inspects your business a lot, an infestation can be a huge disaster. Fines add up quickly and until you’ve got the situation completely under control, inspectors will keep coming back. Instead of taking on expensive fines and then dealing with the nightmare of trying to get an active infestation out, establish a routine pest control service to stop problems before they even start.

Shut down

Of course, the worst case scenario is being shut down because of an infestation. The lost profits and damage to your reputation can be a huge it to your business. Once word spreads that you were temporarily shut down because of pests, the public opinion of your company will change, and can be hard to recover.

A monthly or quarterly check-in with a pest control professional can prevent all of these issues. If you don’t have one established already, it’s in your best interest to do so now. The expense and effort you can put into preventing an infestation are minimal compared to the potential nightmare neglecting these services can cause in the future.