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How is Commercial Pest Control Different From Residential Pest Control?

The Unique Factors of Commercial Pest Control

Residential pest control involves homes, and the pests that might reside within them. Commercial pest control is reserved for buildings and places of business. There are however, a few more differences between the two than just the setting. It might seem like there wouldn’t be much variation in pest control, but read on to find out why there are different approaches depending on if the job is commercial or residential.

Types of pests

In homes, smaller and more common pests are usually found. Some examples of bugs usually spotted in residential pest control jobs are ants, bedbugs, mice and termites. Of course, these pests can also be in businesses. In businesses, however rats and termites are the more common pests.

This is true because of a few factors. First of all, businesses don’t have people living there for years at a time, collecting clutter and making great hiding spots for tiny creatures. Secondly, businesses tend to be closer to abandoned buildings where the bothersome pests are left to live and reproduce.


With a residential pest problem, it can be easy to find and eliminate the source. Perhaps your garage is full of boxes and most of those boxes sit on the floor. This can attract bugs, but is easily remedied by putting the boxes on shelves instead of the ground. Commercial buildings are more likely to have problems that come from sources that can’t be changed. For example, an office building might be nearby an open grass field that breeds rats or insects. Because of this unmovable aspect, the pest control professional will have to come up with year-round, more intense solutions to protect the building from the pests living nearby.


While moving your family out of your home temporarily to deal with a pest infestation can be frustrating, it’s not nearly as problematic as a commercial fumigation can be. Having your business shut down temporarily can threaten the livelihood of you and your employees. When working a commercial pest job, a professional exterminator will try to work as quickly as possible and strategize in a way that will minimize downtime for the business.


Although houses differ in size, shape and structure nearly every residential pest control approach is the same. This is simply not so for businesses. The contents of a business can vary from clothing to cars to food. With each of these different companies, a pest control professional will have to adjust the method they use to rid the building of it’s pest problem.

Whether you’re dealing with a residential or commercial problem, calling a pest control professional is always the most effective way of dealing with the issue.

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