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Which Pests Are Common in Winter?

Winter Bugs in the House

Bugs are a year round problem, especially in Southern California. People tend to think that when winter comes around, pests are less of a problem. It makes sense that people think bugs naturally die off in the winter, and it’s actually somewhat true. However, just because it’s less of a problem, doesn’t mean you can neglect it completely. Some bugs are commonly found in winter. Read on to find out which pests to look out for in the colder seasons.

If you live in Los Angeles or another warm climate area you know that just because the calendar says it’s winter, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s cold. Places that get a lot of snow can be relatively laid back about pest control during winter, but for those of us who live in warm areas that don’t get snow, bug problems can carry on into all seasons. Insects actually tend to migrate to warmer areas when the temperature starts to drop. One example of this is the monarch butterfly. They migrate from the eastern part of North America to Mexico during the winter. Bugs in the butterfly and moth families are known to move to warmer spots when it get’s cold out, so be on the lookout for those.

Termites are also known to infest homes in the winter. Termites are notoriously resilient, and the cold doesn’t make too much of a difference to them. Unfortunately this means there isn’t really a time termites aren’t an issue. Being aware of this fact will help you protect your home from termite damage.

You might see a decrease in certain pests during winter. However, as previously mentioned, living in a warm climate area means that the seasons tend to blend. LA has been known to have 80 degree days in December. Don’t expect to see a huge difference in the pests that you normally have problems with. If you do get an infestation, call a professional for a consultation.