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I Have A Rat Problem - What Should I Do?

Getting Rid of Rats

If you have discovered a rat problem in your home the first thing you need to do is climb down from the kitchen table. The second thing you should do is run out your front door. Now, we are just kidding about those first two steps, but we know that the thought of rats in the house can literally send some people running. Even if the sight or thought of a rat infestation does not send you into a panic, you still want to get them out of your house as quickly as possible. There are three things you can start working on immediately to begin the process of getting rid of your rat problem: seal up their entry points, remove what is attracting them, and call in professional help.

Seal up their entry points

Rats are different than other pests like roaches or ants because they need a little more space to squeeze into your home. They are significantly bigger than these other types of pests so their entry points should be easier to locate. If there are any obvious breaches on the outside of your home then take care of those immediately. Look for sheetrock that has been eaten through or any obvious holes or openings in or around your house. Check around your attic and basement as well because they can enter through those areas and then gain access to the rest of the house. If you find significant breaches you may need to get the assistance of a contractor to patch up the openings.

Remove what is attracting them

You may be inadvertently attracting rats into your home with food and water. Rats need food and water to survive and are often drawn into homes that have these things easily accessible. Food that is left out or left open can attract rats in. Allowing your trash and/or dishes to pile up can also attract rats into your home. If you have discovered a rat problem you should take an honest look at the condition of your home. If possible, start to be more diligent about putting up your food, taking out the trash, and keeping the dishes washed.

Call in professional help

As soon as you notice a rat problem you should call in the help of a professional. This is because rats can be difficult to fully eradicate on your own once they have infested your home. The steps mentioned above will help protect against future infestations but they will not do much to get rid of the rats that have already set up residence inside your home. A pest control professional will know where to look for and how to recognize rat activity. They will also have access to the tools that are the most effective for getting rats out of your home.

These three action steps-sealing up their entry points, removing what is attracting them, and calling in professional help-will work together to deal with a current rat problem and prevent a recurrence in the future.