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I Just Saw A Rat – What Should I Do?

Nothing can elicit a shriek or scream more than seeing a huge rat in your home. It probably doesn’t even have to be that big, if you’re like me, even a small mouse can sometimes elicit a knee-jerk reaction and send me running to the other room. Even if you’re not a bit disturbed by rats, you certainly don’t want them in your home.

Rats carry disease, and are just plain gross. So, if you have one in your home, here’s is what you should do.

Keep a tidy home

A messy home doesn’t necessarily mean you will get rats, but clutter as well as and spilled food will attract rats, and other rodents and pests to your home. While it may seem like a lot of work, if you have a rat problem, you will need to do housework daily. You’ll need to wipe down all kitchen surfaces, as well as sweep and mop often. You’ll also want to clean up spills as they happen.

Rats, mice, and other pests are also attracted to food in your cupboards and drawers. When you store your food, you’ll want to keep all food and beverages in sealed containers and make sure to keep areas where food is stored clean as well.

If you have pets, you’ll also want to be sure that their food bowls are empty once they’re done eating, and if any of your pet’s food spills, that it gets cleaned up immediately. Keep pet food stored in metal containers with a tight-sealing lid.

The rest of the house should be kept clutter-free and as clean as possible. Vacuum often and don’t let people eat in their bedrooms.

Eliminate all entry points

Eliminating entry points won’t stop the problem you have now, but it will help in the future. Mice and rats will enter your home through small vent holes near your dryer, in ripped window screens, even under doors.

Perform regular rodent inspections in your home, looking for holes that can be potential entryways. If you see any, seal them up with caulk or steel wool. Rats can chew through just about everything else.

Set some rat traps

Placing a few traps in areas where you’ve seen rodents will help you to control the ones inside your home. Look for signs of rodents by searching for their droppings, footprints in household dust, or a strong, musty odor. Be sure always to follow the directions when setting traps. Also, rats like more than just cheese. Peanut butter and apples also work well as rat bait.

When it’s time to call a professional

Once you have a rat problem, it can be hard to eradicate. If you know you have rats, why not save yourself some time and money by calling a professional.