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Are Rodents Common In The Los Angeles Area?

About ten years ago, many people saw an influx in rat and mice activity in the Los Angeles area. As the city needed more room for its growing population, old buildings were torn down or renovated. The current residences of these buildings were mainly mice and rats, and they needed somewhere to go. They flocked to any attractive residential and commercial buildings, and pest control companies had a hard time keeping up with the demand.

Today, rodents are still a part of everyday life, but living in Los Angeles doesn’t mean you’re more likely to develop a rodent problem just because you live there. So, what does cause rodent problems?

Your home is attractive to them

Rodents will go where the food is. Kitchens with spilled beverages or dropped food are an invitation to rats and mice. Be sure to clean up spills as they happen.

Rodents will also enter cupboards or drawers to get at food that isn’t sealed tight. To keep mice away, be sure to keep all food in tightly-sealed containers. This goes for pet food too. Pet food should be stored in a metal container, especially if it’s kept in the garage, or a place where you don’t spend too much time. Speaking of pet food, once your fur babies are done eating, be sure any food left behind (or spilled) is cleaned up.

Trash bins are also a great attractor of rodents. Be sure that all trash is emptied from your house often, and that outside cans are sealed tight and also emptied often.

Your home is easy to enter

Rodents will enter your home through small holes, under doorways, and through vents. To make it harder for rats, mice, and other unintended house guests, be sure to inspect your home for weaknesses in its foundation or walls. You’ll also want to fix all screens, and install stripping under doors – don’t forget your garage door.

What to do if you have a rodent problem

If you have a rodent problem, after you call rodent control in Santa Clarita, be sure to keep a clean home and seal up any holes in your home’s perimeter. You may also want to set some traps.

Placing a few traps strategically around areas where you’ve seen rodents will help you to control the ones inside your home. Look for signs of rodents by searching for their droppings, footprints in dust, or a strong, musty odor. Be sure always to follow the directions when setting traps. Also, mice and rats like more than just cheese. Peanut butter and apples also work well as rodent bait.

Call a pest control company

To save yourself some time and money, call in a professional pest company. The pros will be able to pinpoint the issue, determine how and why the rodents are invading your home, where they nest, and they will know how to get rid of them. They also understand that you won’t want another rodent problem, so they’ll be able to help you prevent rats and mice in the future.