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How to Get Rid of an Ant Infestation in Your Restaurant

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Have you ever noticed how quickly ants appear when you drop food on the ground outside? They have an uncanny ability to find even the smallest crumb. Unfortunately for restaurant owners, ants often find their way inside of restaurants in search of food. If you have an ant infestation in your restaurant there are a few practical steps you can take to get rid of it and keep it from returning.

Minimize their access to food

Ants are coming into your restaurant for food. If you minimize their access to food you will have much more success getting rid of an infestation. Start by immediately dealing with spills that happen in the kitchen or dining room. Crumbs and sticky messes are just the type of thing that can bring a line of ants marching into your restaurant. The next step is to never allow your trash to get to the point of overflowing. Ants can make their way inside your restaurant relatively quickly and an overflowing trashcan has plenty of things in it for ants to eat. Another way to minimize the access ants have to food is by keeping your prep areas free from food debris. The scraps of food lying around may not be suitable for human consumption but ants are not as picky as people. Encourage your employees to keep their work stations as clean as possible to protect against ant infestations. Ants can also find their way into the sink of your restaurant in search of food. Keep the dishes washed regularly to avoid leftover food from bringing ants inside.

Seal up their access points

Ants are tiny and can fit through small gaps to get inside your restaurant. Ill-closing windows and doors can provide ample space for ants to get inside. Damaged areas around the outside of your restaurant can also create small openings. The good news about ants is that they generally travel in lines. This means that you can often follow the line of ants straight back to their entry point. By doing this you can seal up one of their access points and make it more difficult for them to come inside for a snack.

Schedule regular pest control services

Regular pest control services can help you get rid of an ant infestation in your restaurant and prevent future infestations. Commercial pest control companies have access to products that can protect your restaurant from pests for an extended period of time. But, this protection does not last forever so it is important to have your restaurant treated on a regular schedule so it does not become susceptible to another infestation.

Working to protect your restaurant against pests is part of owning a restaurant. Ants are not going to stop coming into your restaurant until you deal with the issues that continue to attract them. Working diligently to correct the issues that led to an ant infestation will go a long way toward eradicating the problem. When you couple these efforts with commercial pest control services your restaurant will be more adequately protected against ants.